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Aetna is a US based company with presence in Singapore. They have a unique global standing and offers their services in health insurance globally through their various schemes. Regardless of your nationality or place of residence, taking care of your health is the sole purpose of Aetna. Currently, Aetna is extending its services to more than 650,000 consumers worldwide in order to fulfil their specific consumer needs. Aetna has contributed significantly for the development of premium infrastructure in healthcare insurance by acting as facilitator.

Insurance with Aetna

While you choose a suitable medical coverage scheme for yourself, member of your family or any personnel, it requires cautious contemplation. The insurance scheme you choose to cover your medical costs should be independent of your whereabouts or locality.

Aetna offers health insurance plans tailored to the need of a client while taking care of its requirements of health insurance and financial capabilities. The insurance premiums are charged depending upon the nationality and residential place of clients. Up gradation to the basic plans of health insurance for the following insurances are obtainable widely;-

⦁    Cancer diseases
⦁    Emergency Evacuation
⦁    Extradition
⦁    Dental care and optical disease
⦁    Pregnancy

If you are seeking best plan to cover your insurance mentioned above, you can freely contact us anytime for any further info.

About Aetna International

Aetna is well-thought-out to be amongst world’s leaders offering best health insurance plans. In the US, It is registered among Fortune-100 organizations. It is the prime drive of Aetna to make this world a place. The sole purpose of Aetna is to make the world a place of health sufficient. Aetna promises you to be the best choice for you and your family if you are intending to choose its health insurance schemes. A top-graded medical care is assured whether you are in Singapore or anywhere in the world thanks to its association with globalized health care organizations. Its plain-spoken but supreme and customized insurance plans guarantee superior healthcare services. It is the priority of Aetna to safeguard of your health. Company’s customer support service department is working 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week with 170 vernaculars to service our clients for any query. Aetna will take care of your health whenever you visit or travel abroad. It the best insurance provider you can always rely upon. Our helpline are always open for you regardless of your health plan chosen. In case of emergencies, our hotlines are open to serve you. Aetna is an insurance company which is renowned for its superior insurance plan. So, what are you waiting for, just contact us and get your quote now.

Aetna has presence in the global market in the field of health for about more than 160 year. It has a privilege of being awarded with most prestigious global awards due to its differentiated services over the years. Aetna is ready to serve you irrespective your location or type of emergencies. You will be in protection of Aetna, no matter where you go and where you live.

Aetna Heritage

Aetna started its international operations in early 1850s. In the beginning, the company provided only life insurance plans but gradually it began to develop and due to its best health care plans, it was finally recognized among the top US companies during 1980’s. They were among the front-line companies who extended international healthcare services to overseas employees. A company who is well-known for its services not only in health insurance but also customer support service. Aetna strives to improve its services to bring about the creativity, innovations, trustworthiness and business leadership.

Aetna International has been acknowledged by current world standard and regarded as one of the World leaders in terms of providing health insurance globally. We are a group compose of millions of medical experts and specialists taking care of almost 40 million individuals throughout the world. Your health is of high concern matter for them. You will feel positive about your health.

Aetna Benefits:

You can obtain the medical facilities internationally if you have taken the services of health insurance of Aetna only. Aetna’s medical services coverage are offered around the world and include:

⦁    Treatments within hospital
⦁    Consultation through family physicians
⦁    Out-door patient department (OPD) service
⦁    Medicines
⦁    Optical
⦁    Dental
⦁    Pregnancy
⦁    General health check-up
⦁    Pre-existing conditions

There are variety of added coverage and wide range of plans offered by Aetna International exclusively for expatriates. These plans are tailored to their needs and provide benefits including:

⦁    Medical assessment
⦁    Pregnancy checks
⦁    Overall medical check-ups

Off course, our helplines are open and our customer support department is ready to serve you anytime. This goes an extra mile excluding health Insurance services.

Aetna has employed its own experts, having years of experience, providing assistance on one-on-one basis to the patients of fatal diseases. These experts have ability to handle any emergency case with intense care.


Aetna Health Plans

If you are looking for the plans which are compatible to your requirements, do check our customized insurance plans. Aetna in corporation with Medical International, provide differentiated medical care.

Aetna offers:

-24/7 customer support service
-Online chats with our experts.
-Smart phone applications for the management of plans.
-Submission and payment of application through online service.

Our satisfied customer base has reached to one-million in number thank to our best service offerings. Aetna’s services and facilities are all listed and can be searched from local directory. In case, you need any of our assistance while travelling, we are always there for you!

Aetna Singapore & Worldwide Advantages

​Inflation is a global issue and it has particularly affected the cost of healthcare unexpectedly. People’s lives have been affected by its rising cost and they may lose their whole life savings in a moment. The situation is diversifiable by adopting health insurance plan.

You are always welcome to get help from Medical International while choosing the best option for you and your family members.
Aetna services are also extended in providing:

  • 24/7 dialects
  • Instant contact to various global healthcare facilities.
  • A plan tailored to client needs and resources.

Our excellent risk and capital management strategy has allowed us to growth substantially in the market.

You can always explore the benefits adhered to the insurance plans of Aetna for yourself and your family member. With over 150 years of proven track record, Aetna has titled to be one of the most experienced healthcare insurance organizations in the world. Whether you are looking for a simple medical check-up or seeing to all cover hospitalization cost, we will competently back you.

Want to live a healthy life? What are you waiting for? Our highly skilled and competent staffs are always here to assist you whenever you plan to get a quotation from us. In addition to this, Aetna’s user-friendly mobile application can be accessed for the management of your plan.

Our trained and qualified staff processes your query to search for the best possible plan trimmed to your needs and resources. This is our top-notch and prime responsibility to match your insurance cost your personal health goals in best possible ways. This is what a leading health care organization does.

Here are the steps to choose a customise plan tailored to your budgeting needs;

  1. Decide upon the best Aetna plan.
  2. Choose the plan
  3. Search and seek additional benefits.
  4. Decide the option.