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Cigna Global is an insurance company based in UK providing international health insurance services. Cigna provides you with best International health coverage plans whether you are residing in Singapore or elsewhere in the world. Therefore, travellers and expat will always find attraction in our plan because it best matches with their requirements. The top-most medical coverage is provided to all members of Cigna Global irrespective of their nature.

​Cigna Global has got exceptional repute with demonstrative history of providing services in healthcare industry over last 200 years. They are helping individual members in living their life at full. With the passage of time, they have extended their service across the globe and currently holding a costumer portfolio of about 92 million from 210 countries.

The factors that differentiate Cigna from other insurers:

​Cigna’s worldwide presence has enabled it to offer services through its unique and comprehensive healthcare plan called Cigna Global health protection plan. This plan allows its user to use the services of company from anywhere in the world. There are various customized plan which are trimmed to customer’s need includes psychiatric care, deductibles options and first-rate semantic customer care services.

​Cigna Insurance Plan

​Medical International, being front-line in providing health insurance plans for expatriates worldwide, assures you of complete coverage regardless of your locality. While selecting an insurance plan, insurance specialists of “The Medical Internationals” are capable of assisting you at any step of the process.

​If you are interested in availing the services of Medical International, get a quote from it in order to reap its benefits for yourself and your family.

Cigna promise you to provide you the most the most comprehensive coverage. Client from different spheres of life have been benefitted from Cigna. Cigna have prepared their plan in accordance with rules and regulations. Thus, you can avail their plan whenever you want. As a result of their top-line services, they can guarantee you the premium level of customer satisfaction. They strive best to keep you healthy by allowing you to access their healthcare service anytime.

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​There is minimum constraint to obtain the superior international coverage with them. You can have access to their healthcare facilities once you opt their scheme. Besides this, there are variety of healthcare facilities allows you to interact with top medical experts with exceptional care.

​You are just one-click away from web based portal of Cigna which lets you to manage and fill your claims. It is possible only because of our top class customer care service.

​Cigna always feel proud to build a strong rapport with their customer due to which it has a culture of high-level of pellucidity and devotion.


​Cigna Global Benefits

​Cigna’s specialized allocation plans from out-door treatment to hospitalization including consultation fee of physicians has been devised in one plan and you don’t need to get admit for that. In addition to above allocation, you will also grant with following benefits:

  • Superior benefits
  • Pregnancy coverage
  • Ophthalmological care
  • Emergencies Evacuations
  • Cost of medicines
  • Regular check-ups with physicians
  • Regular check-ups with dentists

The tailored plans of Cigna ensure that you are protected globally.

​Cigna offers three levels of health care. Each of these plans includes:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Treatment in oncology department
  • Out-patient and in-patient treatment involving complex procedures.

​The coverage includes wide-ranging and exclusive benefits to be avail at any place. Our quotations are based on the financial ability of a client to make sure that he/she is given a fair price.

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​Cigna not only delivers its insurance services to individuals and family members but also provide competitive insurance plans to corporations. The competitive advantage of Cigna arises due to its ability to offer premium benefits and availability of the greater number of add-ons. We assure you to have a superior and best service best suited to your budget as we pay special attentions to your budget while recommending a best health care insurance plan for you.