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raffles bupa logoInternational health insurance policies provided by RIG Associates are from Raffles Health Insurance (RHI), In conjunction with Bupa Global UK. Numerous healthcare facilities globally could be extended to you through this scheme, as we strive to become your number one insurance provider.  It does not really matter whether you are medically protected locally as an individual, expatriate or part of a family scheme because we work towards giving you the best medical protection. By working with us, you and your family can feel relaxed and enjoy the huge benefits offered by Raffles Health Insurance (in conjunction with Bupa Global UK), as we give you schemes that suit your needs. In Singapore, Raffles Health Insurance is a major firm that provide health protection schemes. They have a lot of experience in providing quality health insurance packages to protect corporate groups, individuals and families.

Raffles Health Insurance and Bupa Global work together to provide first-class health insurance schemes in Singapore. Bupa Global is a private insurance firm regulated by Singapore’s Monetary Authority. It is affiliated with Raffles medical Group, which is a well-known company that offers medical care in Singapore.


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Presently, there are more than 84,000 staff in Bupa International Global, and it has 800,000 members operating in more than 190 countries globally. Bupa Singapore has a lot of clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries. Bupa International have been providing medical insurance for more than 40 years, and their services are astounding. By using the Bupa global health insurance card, you can get access to the best medical facilities and doctors around the world as well as an efficient customer support that communicates in different languages. The Bupa has over 1.5 million providers all over the world, and it is suitable for people who are looking for flexible, special and quality healthcare services. Bupa Singapore is not only one of the best international health insurance firms in Singapore, it is also a leading health insurance company in the world. Besides health insurance, several medical facilities have been established by Bupa Singapore for healthcare and research. It also collaborates with other companies to meet the needs of its customers worldwide. Visit us today, let’s give you a health quote online!

There is no denying the fact that health insurance has become a necessity today. You have nothing to worry about because RIG Associates gives you the best schemes at an affordable cost. Several benefits, which cover medical costs like day treatment, hospitalization, family doctor, health checks, medications, pre-existing conditions, dental, pregnancy, optical and others, are associated with our health insurance scheme. You will get the best insurance services that suit your budget by using our custom-made and standard plans with Raffles Health Insurance respectively. The price depends on the selected options, and we take the best prices into consideration when customizing your needs.