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The international health insurance offered by RIG Associates is through Raffles Health International (RHI) in partnership with Bupa Global U. Under this plan you have the opportunity to obtain numerous health care facilities, as we are dedicated to being the number one insurance provider in the world. We provide exceptional care irrespective of your medical insurance status, whether you are local or expatriate or is covered under a family scheme. With us, both you and your loved ones can be at ease of mind and enjoy the numerous benefits offered by Raffles Health Insurance (in partnership with Bupa Global UK), as we provide you schemes which are suited to your requirements. In Singapore, Raffles Health insurance is a pioneer in in the field of health insurance. They have years of expertise in offering comprehensive insurance packages to provide coverage to individuals, families and groups.

Raffles Health Insurance and Bupa Global work in conjunction to offer exceptional health care plans in Singapore. Bupa Global is a private organization under the regulation of the Singapore Monetary Authority. It is a partner of the Raffles medical Group, renown for the health services in Singapore.


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At present, there are over 84,000 members of staff at Bupa International Global and has more than 800,000 members spread across 190 coutnries across the globe. Bupa Singapore has a considerable number of customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and numerous other countries. Bupa has been in the field of insurance for the past four decades and have provided exceptional service. Via the purchase of the Bupa Global health card you would be ensured of access to premium health care center and doctors across the world which is supplemented with exceptional multi-linguistic customer care. Bupa has approximately 1.5 million healthcare providers spread across the world. These plans are specially apt for individuals who are on the lookout for flexible, special and high quality health care. Bupa Singapore is widely regarded as the best health insurance provider in Singapore and has also established several health care research centers. It works alongside numerous other organizations to cater to the requests of the customers across the world. Get in touch with us to obtain a quote today!

Bupa Health Insurance Features

Bupa provides a comprehensive coverage which is second to none in the market. Through Bupa health protection you have the ability to visit prominent medical centers and consult professional doctors at home and abroad. This is supplemented by exceptional customer care. The schemes are tailored to provide good care to you and your loved ones. Bupa does not compromise on quality and expertise. Irrespective of the date and time, we are there for your needs.

As said above, Bupa caters to all the requirements of the customer, this has been achieved by extensive reaserch ensuring that the most optimal coverage is offered. They are dedicated to understanding the requirements of the customer and ensuring that they receive the most comprehensive international care possible supplemented with generous benefits which would come in handy.

  • There is round the clock, exceptional customer care in various languages, which can be easily reached from anywhere in the world.

The Bupa health insurance cover is established to maintain your general state of health by providing to your frequent needs. This is inclusive of coverage for pre-existing long term illnesses, health checkups and dental consultations.

Bupa International premium health policy

Bupa offers a comprehensive coverage inclusive of,

-Preventive Health Screening – Obtain medical screening test to maintain your health

-Medicine coverage – Insured for the required medication

-Hospitalization and day treatment –  Coverage for hospitalization and consultations with doctors.

-Family doctor – Consultation with the family doctor and coverage for the medication prescribed

– Coverage for maternity, ophthalmology, dental and other chronic conditions

– Treatment done during labor, maintenance treatment for ophthalmology and dental treatments such as orthodontics and other chronic conditions such as diabetes. Contact us to know more.

You can chose what insurance plan is most suited to you and what degree of coverage you desire. We have a team of motivated individuals dedicated to assisting the clients in every possible manner. If you desire to know more, get in touch with us.

Cashless Hospitalization service with Bupa

Bupa International Health are designed to provide you with convenience as you can obtain treatment free of charge. We settle the medical expenses on behalf of you with the medical facilities. We pride ourselves in ease of use and appropriateness of service.