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Sompo (division of Sompo group based in Japan) insurance is offering services across thirty countries globally offering impeccable travel insurance (Travel Joy) and general insurance to all citizens of Singapore at an affordable price-point. They are constantly striving to enhance their customer services. Sompo Insurance offers comprehensive insurance packages with various benefits, it is inclusive of maximum security to the client as well as their possessions and wellbeing. The standard of quality of an insurance company can be assessed from the claims, we would be happy to showcase them for you. We at RIG Associates Pte Ltd, offer various Sompo insurance services in the form of commercial, home, personal accident, maid, travel, automotive and general health insurance.

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Sompo insurance places attention on mainly personal and commercial insurance, offering exceptional service with professionalism and cutting edge technology at a reasonable price-point. We pioneer in our customer based approach, use of modern technology and swift claim processing, which in turn assisted us to reach heights of success.

We offer general insurance service from Sompo to our clients. This insurance scheme is targeted at personnel as well as organizations of every scale. We offer comprehensive protection irrespective of the fact that it is your home, your car, home, business, or that you are simply travelling abroad, we offer you with comprehensive protection. We have a team of over 40 dedicated team members  offering the most comprehensive coverage throughout the country. We are prepared to offer the most apt insurance solution to you in accordance to your budgetary and personal requirements.

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We offer general insurance packages from Tenet-Sompo. The insurance packages are targeted for individuals and the commercial sector. We provide coverage for numerous personal and commercial products as per your requirements. It could be in the form of your personal car, home or even your own health, business or your holiday. We have tailored solutions to cater to the various requirements of the clients at varying stages of their lives.

Our general insurance team is driven by over 40 members and has the coverage from the distinguished insurance providers of the country. We are poised to offer you the most comprehensive insurance solution which is in line with your budget and is willing to push ourselves to achieve the best for you.

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