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Sompo is a member of SOMPO HOLDINGS, a trusted and established insurance and risk solutions provider in Japan for over a century. Today, SOMPO HOLDINGS serves its customers in more than 30 countries and regions.

Since 1989, Sompo has been providing companies and individuals with premium yet affordable insurance in Singapore.

At the heart of what we do is our commitment to deliver our best service to our customers. More than just providing comprehensive coverage, we aim to be our customers’ trusted partner when it comes to protecting what they value and treasure most. Because, above all, their well-being is what we collectively work for.

We provide Sompo’s various insurance services i.e.

  • Commercial
  • Home
  • Personal accident
  • Maid Travel

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Advantages of Sompo Insurance

Sompo insurance’s primary concern is over Commercial and Personal Insurances.  It provides extraordinary services by proficient personnel and cutting-edge technology with reasonable prices. We are customer-centric organization that has pushed the boundaries of insurance industry standards by using latest technology and speeding claim processing; which ultimately boosted the company’s progress and flourished its prospect.


It is also a subsidiary of Japan based group called Sompo. It constantly put forth its utmost efforts to provide finest customer services. It offers many options apart from the comprehensive coverage. Sompo insurance offers supreme protection to clients’ health and their valuables. The company surpasses the industry quality standards by providing swift claim processing – which is the strong feature of it to differentiate itself from other providers.

At Rig Associates Pte Ltd, we provide a wide range of Sompo’s insurance products i.e. commercial, personal, health, travel (Travel Joy) and motor.

Advantages of Sompo Insurance

Sompo Insurance majorly focuses on commercial and personal insurances. It constantly innovates and brings superior professionalism in order to provide excellent services at affordable rates. Efficient claim process, latest technology and well-organized customer-focus are Sompo’s competitive advantages – enabling it to get acknowledgements for quality service from its clients.

We provide Sompo’s general a general insurance service plan to our clients. The objective of this scheme is to cover small and large organizations as well as personnel regardless of its size. We also offer Comprehensive Protection which covers; business, home, car or travelling in a foreign country. Out team consists of 40 highly experienced personnel, which is dedicated to provide excellent services throughout the country. We also offer Customized insurance solutions, in which you can tailor services according to your requirements and affordability.

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There are General Insurance Plans of Sompo that we also offer. Basically, this plan is for Individuals and Commercial sector. This plan consist a wide range of services i.e. Health, Home, Business, Car or Holiday – according to your needs, requirements and affordability. The solutions are tailored by keeping in mind the various needs of people at different stages of life.

Our team is consisted of 40 highly-professional personnel who provide efficient services throughout the country in association with distinguished insurance companies. We are driven and dedicated to provide you the best Comprehensive Insurance solution, which you can easily afford.

We, at RIG Associates; are committed towards bringing you the best health insurance options according to your budget that will fulfill your requirements. We put forth our maximum efforts to provide you a quality service. Insurance is becoming imperative for people nowadays. Thus, there are countless insurance providers throughout Singapore. We encourage you to look at your lifestyle, sort out your insurance requirements, think about affordability and make a wise decision – taking in consideration the company‘s credibility, claim process and satisfied customers. The decision can change your life. Therefore, choose wisely!

Premium Insurance Policy from Rig Associates

Insurance policies offered by different insurance companies are generally offered to cater the needs of every individual. It basically covers any possible risk of – health or financial situation. The insurance schemes can cover house, valuables, cars, health, etc. Moreover, life and health insurance plans are a great support in old age. Depending on the requirements, insurance agents offer maximum coverage for your needs.

Enjoy a stress-free life with us. Enquire about it now and we will get back to you with a best plan. We examine what is best for you and recommend you the best scheme according to your budget.

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