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Sompo (division of Sompo group based in Japan) insurance is currently providing services in over 30 countries across various regions of the world providing exceptional travel insurance (Travel Joy) and general insurance to citizens of Singapore at reasonable rates. They are constantly attempting to improve their customer service. Sompo Insurance provides a comprehensive coverage with numerous features, in addition they also provide the best possible security to their clients possession and most importantly their health and wellbeing. The quality of an insurance company can be evaluated via their claims, and it would be our pleasure to showcase our work in this particular area.

Here at RIG Associates Pte Ltd, we offer numerous Sompo insurance services. These include services related to the commercial, personal, travel, automotive and general health.

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Sompo Insurance Advantages

Sompo Insurance focuses their attention mainly on insurance related to personal and commercial sector, providing the best possible service at the highest possible level of professionalism and modern technology at affordable prices. Customer-oriented approach, innovative technology and swift claim processing are the cornerstones of their success, permitting them to be well received by the customers.

We greatly offer general insurance from Sompo to our customers. This is mainly directed at personal individuals as well as small, mid or large-scale organizations. We also provide numerous insurance schemes for both personal and commercial requirements. Whether it be your car, home or even your personal health, your business or when you are travelling abroad, we have you covered. We have solutions to each stage of our customer’s life. Our insurance team is composed of over 40 members, with the best possible coverage across the country. We are always ready to provide the most suitable general insurance scheme, which suits your budget and always willing to do our best to get you the best possible deal.

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